Note of intent: Strike while the iron is hot: And if we took advantage of the post-confinement period to give a boost to the transition movement ? (document under construction, version of March 27, 2020)

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To prevent the after-confinement period from returning to « Business as usual », let’s meet locally for a GREAT WORLD COMMEMORATION AND CLEBRATION ON OVERSHOOT DAY, (around) JULY 29, 2020

Contextual elements

There seems to be a general consensus around the fact that containment represents a unique moment in recent human history for developping awareness of the consequences of entering the Anthropocene.

In addition to forcing the sidestep that many of our contemporaries needed to step back and start to come out, for some of the denial or for others of the amazement, it tends to « synchronize » the energies, both within societies, and even globally.

We don’t know if this kind of event will happen regularly or not, or if so, for how long. How then to use the period to push this suddenly created « advantage », and try to advance even further both the awareness, the human support that this requires, and also the concrete implementation of initiatives of transition, prefigurations of the post-modern era to which we aspire?

The trigger

Edgar Morin sums it up very well: “This world is not finished, it will fidget again; after confinement a temporary economic boom will reassure him. Only a new citizen movement animated by a strong thought and a lucid conscience can open the way to a new world. « 


The basic elements of a strategy:

• Allox people to meet at the hyper-local level (resilience)
• Strike imaginations at the global level (only relevant scale), offer a « powerful » story (Cyril Dion, Pablo Servigne) – based on a few concepts that « speak », including by diverting current codes of society.

What ?

By taking up the codes of the national commemorations (remembrance, memory), but also of festivities (popular culture, celebration), the idea is to rely on « Overshoot Day » (Towards the end of July), because it highlights the concepts of biocapacity (and therefore planetary limits), and ecological footprint (and therefore the link with our lifestyles). This date also has the immense advantage of being « planetary », which makes it possible to imagine arousing the desire for humans from other regions of the world to join this initiative.

How ?

   1. The commemoration ceremony
    By organizing a commemoration ceremony in public places in all districts and villages:

    human victims of ecological and climatic disorders since the beginning of the Anthropocene

human victims of capitalism and modern thinking
    non-human victims of ecological and climatic disorders, and in particular of extinct or endangered species
    degraded landscapes, razed forests, plundered resources
    of our children, grandchildren and great grandchildren, who will be victims of these disorders anyway.

2. The citizen agora

This ceremony will be followed by an agora, a space for meeting and dialogue between citizens, around 3 inseparable dimensions:

 -> Face reality. Talk about what is difficult to face, individually and collectively. Leaving the modern era, entering the Anthropocene, « landing » (Bruno Latour), etc. it is about COLLECTIVELY TAKING IN HAND THE AWAKENING OF OUR CONSCIENCES, which has become necessary and urgent. We can rely on testimonies, stories, mobilize artists, storytellers, etc.
 -> Take care of our humanity in transition. Let those who have crossed the threshold put themselves at the service of those who are still in denial, dumbfounding, flight, anger, etc. It’s about TAKING CARE OF OTHERS, because we don’t experience it all the same way, and we need as many humans as possible to do it. We can mobilize facilitators, therapists, capable people, a lot of empathy, etc.
 -> ORGANIZE LOCALLY TO TAKE OUR RESPONSIBILITIES. Establish all forms of cooperation, mutual aid, serving the construction of tomorrow. Convene the non-human, set up local « natural contracts » from an inventory of the commons. We can mobilize the actors of the transition, peasants, solidarity businesses, etc.

3. The great celebration of Earth and local singularities
This day, which will take place simultaneously all over the planet, will continue in the evening with festivities celebrating Earth and highlighting the diversity of local cultures (CELEBRATING OUR DIFFERENCES).

Display a common ambition, develop the earth identity

The idea is also to #MoveTheDate of Earth Overshoot Day : this means that by participating in such a dynamic we give substance to an engagement

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